Independent Author and Illustrator

I'm an irreverent sci-fi writer with a heady blend of academic, mystical, and metaphysical influences. I received a Master's in Information Studies in New Zealand. Formerly a librarian, I've been crafting narratives inspired by the lives of ordinary people since 2009.

My work is a unique fusion of esoterica, conspiracy theories, and the lore of different ancient cultures. I explore science fiction through ongoing technological developments but favor non-materialist philosophies. I have found advanced wisdom in the first nations teachings I received from family, which I often incorporate. 

During COVID, my husband became a truck driver, and we traveled almost every US state for three years, which inspired me to write my current work, Ghost Trucker anticipated later this year. My first novel, Auckland Underground, was inspired by years in New Zealand.

Though I've studied philosophy for decades, it took bringing home a mini schnauzer to understand the meaning of life. Greatness is ordinary, love is imperfect, and life is short but utterly amazing. 

My name is Carrie Bailey Allen and I write as OA Allen.

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