Irreverant Science Fiction About Ordinary People

Waiting On Delcath

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    Immerse yourself in a chaotic universe where truck drivers collide with genetically engineered megafauna and learn to coexist with sly pan dimensional reptilians. Follow the journey of a new adult group of childhood friends as they navigate the struggles of asteroid mining, addiction, and first contact. Discover the truth behind the demonic and angelic ancient alien deities of Mesopotamia.

  • With Themes That Resonate

    OA Allen delivers humor and dark comedy elements with underlying themes about the catastrophes people encounter in their struggle to escape their everyday grind and the power of imagination to influence the quantum workings in the fabric of our universe and others. For a sometimes mind-bending, but always irreverent read, you can find it her

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    Most products created by OA Allen are available on Amazon. You can find gifts for science fiction lovers of different ages. Check the descriptions for recommendations. OA Allen is an independent author and Illustrator who produces print, ebook, audiobooks, coloring books, and no fungible tokens.